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Specialised Tutoring has been established since 1989.  In this time we have become the leaders in tuition.  

Offering expert tuition in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Primary school students are catered for with tution in Scholarship, Selective and Naplan testing.

People wishing to join government agencies can practise aptitude testing.

Speed and Accuracy typing testing is conducted on premises.


  • Mathematics 

2 unit General

2 unit Advanced

Extension 1 and 2

  • English

All levels

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Science
  • Primary School 

Scholarship testing

Selective School testing

O/C Testing

  • Legal Studies
  • Business Studies



Thank you Grace for saving my life...I can never forget y = mx +b cause its one of the most important formulae in General Maths.  I could not have done the HSC maths exam without you...

"     - Gezza Ng