About Us

Specialised Tutoring Services has been established for over 25 years.  In this time we have become leaders in providing individualised tuition for students of all ages.

We cater for the individual needs each student requires.  Tuition is dynamic and interactive whereby each child contributes to their learning by completing set tasks.  

Our tutors are all extremely Qualified Teachers with a passion for teaching.  They are caring and patient and enjoy teaching .

Our teachers are committed to each child and help them overcome their limitations by applying various teaching methods until each child learns to the best of their ability.  Methods which integrate technology and real life relevance is utilised to enhance retention.


  • Grace Train          

            B Sc (Mathematics)   Diploma of Education (Secondary Mathematics)

            Grace has been teaching over 23 years and is dedicated to the pursuit of 

            excellence is her students.

  • Charles Willock

            B. Sc (Hons) (Physics), M. Eng. Sci (Remote Sensing)

            Charles believes that for technical subjects understanding concepts is of  

            utmost importance.  He believes understanding problem solving is vital    

            for developing self sufficiency in learning.

  • Bernadette Hofrichter

            Bernadette is a very experienced English teacher with 35 years of service

            in varying roles.  She is a HSC Ext 2 Marker since 2001, and HSC English 

            marker since 1985.  Bernadette offers a wealth of experience that   

            is very rare.

  • Billy Kovanis

            Billy is a young, intelligent tutor who was first in business studies at 

            Newington College.  He has also received the NSW Premiers award of 

            Excellence achieving a band 6 in 10 units of study.  He tutors Business 

            Studies and Legal Studies.

  • Michael Belcastro

            Michael has over 30 years teaching experience in Mathematics. His 

            expertise includes Extension 2 Mathematics and has taught at 

            Newington College for many years.  His experience involves Public and

            Catholic Schools.




Lets start 2016 ahead of the rest!
31st January 2016

Mathematics, English and Physics tutoring are commencing as of the 28th of January.  Please ensure you book in ea... read more



Thank you Grace for saving my life...I can never forget y = mx +b cause its one of the most important formulae in General Maths.  I could not have done the HSC maths exam without you...

"     - Gezza Ng