Tuition in Mathematics is conducted via three methods:

  1. Group 
  2. Individual/Private
  3. Lecture/Workshop


Students are taught individually in a small group of 4 students.  The tuition is of 1.5 hours duration and each child learns at their own pace and practises what their tutor has taught them.  Learning is enhanced by practising newly formed concepts.  


Students are taught privately on a one to one basis and as such this suits students who have a need for individualised tuition as well a special needs students.


Lectures are conducted weekly for HSC students.  Students revise past topics as well as learn new topics.  These lectures are ideal for HSC revision and for exam preparation.



English tutoring is conducted only on a private basis.  All students are individually tutored to cater to their own needs.  Each student is assessed and tuition is conducted according to the level that they are at.


Science is divided up into 4 subjects:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. General Science

Tuition for all the above is conducted one to one on a private basis.  Students are taught via the syllabus and prepared for their HSC exam.  


Primary school students are prepared for

  • Selective School Exam Preparation
  • Opportunity Class Preparation
  • General Remedial school work

Subjects offered are 

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • General Aptitude

Legal Studies/Business Studies

Students are taught on a one to one basis in a private lesson.

Speed and Accuracy Typing Tests

Typing Speed testing is conducted on our premises in Caringbah.  For a small fee students have 3 attempts at doing the test and are then issued with a professional Speed and Accuracy Certificate.  

This is of importance for people wishing to enter the Police Force and for the general public working in government agencies that require proof of Typing accuracy.

Aptitude Testing

Aptitude and Psychometric testing is of particular importance for entrance into NSW Fire Brigade as well as Airservice Fire Brigade, the Armed Services and varying Government Bodies.  

Revision and guidance is conducted for preparation in

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Logical reasoning





Lets start 2016 ahead of the rest!
31st January 2016

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Maths was so hard before I started tutoring but thanks to Grace it is so much easier now! I actually understand what I am doing in class.

"     - Janet Donahue